The European Union's Role In Security and Global Affairs






EURISGA – The European Union’s Role in Security and Global Affairs, is a Jean Monnet Chair funded by the European Commission (Grant Agreement Number 101085789). The Chair seeks to explore a wide range of topics, education formats and policy needs linked to the EU's past, present and future role in a wide range of security and global affairs issues. EURISGA’s core research-led teaching and dissemination activities focus on the EU's role in tackling various dimensions of security that range from traditional threats to emerging challenges and from human security to international peace and security issues, and in seeking to influence various aspects of global affairs including issues of diplomacy and multilateralism, inter-organisational security governance, global peace and justice.Learners and a variety of targeted audiences will be offered comprehensive insights into understanding, analysing and evaluating the EU's role in security and global affairs and will be encouraged to reflect on novel perspectives through experiential and active learning at both BA and MA levels. Such an ambitious agenda will be implemented by the Chair and a highly competent network of colleagues with excellent education, research and policy skills all committed to the Jean Monnet Chair project. Overall, beneficiaries will not only be students, stakeholders and the public, but also EU policy-makers and the overarching strengthening of the role of the EU in a globalised world.


Antoaneta Dimitrova

Professor, Comparative Governance

Bert Koenders

Professor, Peace, Justice and Security

Clara Cotroneo

PhD Researcher, ISGA

Eamon Aloyo

Assistant Professor, ISGA

Jan Melissen

Associate Professor, International Relations

Joachim Koops

Jean Monnet Chair, Professor Security Studies

Lydie Cabane

Assistant Professor, Crisis & Security

Silvia D'Amato

Associate Professor, ISGA

Silviu Piros

Senior Grant Manager, PhD Researcher

Sophie Vertier

PhD Researcher, ISGA

Tahir Abbas

Professor, Radicalisation Studies

Vanessa Newby

Assistant Professor, ISGA