EURISGA launches new EU Simulation Honours Class

In the context of the EURISGA Jean Monnet Chair, Silviu Piros and Joachim Koops designed and launched a brand-new course for talented undergraduate students that challenges them to dive deeply into core issues related to the European Union in a transatlantic and global context. The new course Model European Union Simulation: Policies, Negotiations and Transatlantic Experiential Learning brings together highly motivated students across various faculties of Leiden University in order to explore the inner workings of the EU institutions and to analyse major external policy issues the EU and the US are involved in. Students are not only working on content topics, but also develop transversal skills, such as negotiation, position paper writing, honing their presentation skills (including through video analysis of their public speaking skills) and applying core rules and diplomatic practices to the simulation. Students will also assume alter egos and apply all their knowledge in a transatlantic EU Simulation, to be held in alternate years in Europe and the US. For more information, click here