EURISGA launches new MA Peace Studies Course

Joachim Koops and Vanessa Newby designed a new MA Course on for the MSc in Crisis and Security Management focusing on the History, Theories and core Concepts of Peace Studies. The course will explore the different dimensions of peace, as well as the core factors that play a role in its promotion, leading to an understanding of how peace can be sustained in an ever more complex world. Students will study reflections on the concept of peace and its various dimensions as analysed by core peace thinkers and will examine how peace is conceived of by multiple policy actors in practice. The course deliberately focuses on European as well as global perspectives on peace studies at a time of rising geopolitical tensions and instabilities. Key emerging topics in the promotion of peace that will be assessed in detail include climate change, terrorism, intelligence, development and disaster response, R2P, the protection of civilians (PoC), peace and technology, the global arms trade, mediation and conflict prevention, sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), conflict related sexual violence (CRSV), accountability and gender in peacekeeping. The role of the European Union in the promotion of peace will also be explored.
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